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PUR-BK is an all natural, handmade deodorant


About PUR-BK, a love story...

It all started when my store-bought deodorant started to fail.  I started to experience body odor within three hours of application! Distressed and more than a little stinky, I switched to a clinical strength deodorant that promised to keep me fresh all day. To my horror, that failed as well. Men’s deodorants worked at first, but then when faced with extra stressful conditions, they too failed. After spending hundreds of dollars trying out different deodorants and experiencing two years of embarrassing body odor, I finally decided to research natural home remedies for body odor. That's when "PUR-BK" was born.


Locally-sourced, and lovingly crafted by hand in Brooklyn, NYC, PUR-BK combines all natural ingredients - many of which can be found in your cupboard - with essential oils from leading NYC manufacturers.

PUR-BK is a handmade, all-natural deodorant that neutralizes body odor for up to 48 hours. PUR-BK, dries with a smooth powder-like finish and will not stain your clothes. PUR-BK is safe and effective for men, women and children of  all ages. In the words of my nine-year old nephew “Auntie, my stinky pits are no more!” PUR-BK has been tested on loved ones, friends and family members, but never pets or other animals!