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PUR-BK is an all natural, handmade deodorant

PUR-BK Our Products

PUR-BK is a handmade All-natural deodorant with Up to 24 hours of protection from body odor.

Handmade with Love

PUR-BK is an all-natural, handmade deodorant that not only neutralizes odor, it also soothes skin from irritation and razor bumps.  PUR-BK is free of harmful chemicals, parabens, and aluminum compounds. Its ingredients consist of many natural, healing components. Coconut Oil to hydrate skin and fight odor-causing bacteria. Cornstarch calms skin irritation. Arrowroot powder makes skin soft and smooth. 100% Non-Nano, Pure Pharmaceutical Zinc Oxide Powder sits on top of the skin to provide a protective barrier between you and the elements. Baking soda absorbs moisture, neutralizes odor and counteracts the acids in our sweat. Candelilla Wax naturally lock in moisture, allowing for smooth application- PUR-BK glides on wonderfully! Our Essential Oils are made of antibacterial herbs, which are a natural antiseptic.